Welcome to Puppetstories! Educational and fun custom puppet shows for all occasions. From live performance on location shows to professional videos tailored to your needs like birthday parties, anniversaries and even commercials!

Birthdays and Special Events

For Birthday videos we have a simple questionnaire. Your answers will help us create the video we produce to make it extra special and personal such as names, favourite animals, music styles, colours etc.

Custom productions can be ready in as soon as two weeks and prices start at $98 for a five minute production with up to three characters and three scene changes.

Educational Videos

A fun and effective way of learning! Imagine customized lessons using your child’s name and familiar subjects to retain interests and prolong concentration. The child can even choose which puppet to learn from. Our puppets are ready to teach simple math, letters, colour, numbers, shapes etc.

Bed Time Stories and Lullabies

Our puppets can tell famous stories or your favourite stories and traditional tales from various countries.

Greeting Mini-Stories

Our puppets can convey messages to your far away relatives, friends and coworkers. Important people in your life will love a personalized messages from get well soon to congratulatory greetings. Perhaps a “Thank You” message or just to tell someone you miss them in a unique and personal way.

Mobile Puppet Theatre

We have a portable theatre that we bring to locations for live shows with an audience.

Current Shows available are:

The Three Little Pigs

Who Says MEOW?

Email us for available dates and times: milkstudioportraits@gmail.com

Prices start at $200 per show plus .98/km mileage from Hamilton

Shows vary between 30 to 45 minutes.

Tell us who will play for your personal show! (Actor List available soon)

email milkstudioportraits@gmail.com